Car Sex Positions

One of the best car sex positions involves seated clitoral insertion, which is much safer for both of you, especially if you’re driving. This position is also called the cowgirl position, and can be achieved by placing yourself in front of your partner while the car is moving. If you don’t have a backseat, try the driver’s seat instead. The driver’s seat is better suited for driving, however, so that both of you can still see each other and make love.

For an optimal car sex position, you should lie flat on your back. You should lay down with your partner’s head on your lap. If you can’t reach your partner, lie on your side, with your knees bent, with your legs tucked under your knees. The driver’s seat should be behind you. You can use a pillow to keep your body cool and make it easier to penetrate your partner.

The Cowgirl position is perfect for the back seat. This position gives both partners clitoral stimulation, while still being easy to perform. The key to this position is to stay still and keep your partner close to you. For this position, you should get into the driver’s seat while your partner sits on the passenger’s seat. The receiving partner should sit on the top seat and keep his or her arm on your back.

The Cowgirl position is also great for car sex. There are versions of this position for the passenger’s seat, including the reverse version.

You can also try the Missionary position if you want to have a good time. The passenger seat is better for lying down. Another position is the Doggy or Om position, which is a variation of the cowgirl position. Oral sex can be fun and exciting, but you should always remember to keep the safety of both of you.

The Cowgirl position is great for car sex. It’s a good idea to recline your passenger’s seat in order to give them a clitoral swab. You’ll need to be comfortable and relaxed with the Cowgirl position. The driver’s seat is a better option if you’re facing the back of the car. This position is easy to perform and provides tons of clitoral stimulation.

The Seashell position is another popular car sex position. This position provides direct access to the G-spot with the penis. The Seashell position involves lying on your back with your legs raised and ankles close to your head. This position is not suitable for a woman with a dangling G-spot, so it’s best not to try this out while you’re driving. Then, you can use a privacy curtain for the same purpose.