Tips For Having Sex in a Car

If you’re a teenage boy who’s looking for the perfect sex scenario, you may be considering having sex in a car. Though it’s not ideal for the both of you, it is a fun alternative to a confined bedroom. If you and your partner decide to try car sex, make sure to follow the tips below. You should always be in communication with your partner about what you want to get out of your sex date, as well as how you’d like the two of you to feel.

First, you can try to make your sex in a car more intimate by placing a privacy curtain between you and your partner. You can buy some curtains from the local craft store and add them to your vehicle. Ensure the curtains match the color scheme of your car so it doesn’t look out of place. You can keep them in the trunk or under the seat to avoid any trouble. When you’re not having sex in the car, you can raise the curtains to be more discreet.

You can try a variety of positions in the car. The most convenient is the rear seat position. Your partner can take turns leaning against the passenger seat door or leaning against your legs, and you can stay in the back seat if you like. You can also try different combinations of the two by getting on your knees and drape your upper body over your partner’s. If you’re having sex in a car, make sure it’s not in public or you’ll be in trouble.

The next step is to choose the right place. The front seat is best for this, as it’s less exposed. The rear seat position is the most popular. It’s easy to lean against the door and get on your knees. When you’re in a remote location, turn on the headlights so you can give your partner a music video effect! You can even turn on the headlights, if you’re in a rural area.

The back seat is a great place to have sex. It provides plenty of space for the two of you to romp. Besides, the driver’s side is the best seat because it allows the driver to lean back and enjoy sex in total darkness. The driver’s seat is best for driving. During fellatio, the sunroof can help you control your partner’s upper half.

The back seat is one of the most popular places for car sex.

It offers sprawling real estate, although it’s usually compromised by stale Cheerios, car seats, and other items. The driver’s and passenger’s sides offer the best views and are the most comfortable seats. They can also lean back in order to give you an intimate romp. This is one of the best places to have sex in a car.